This simple extension for the Google Chrome browser will add a context menu entry to images that once clicked will open a popup window with some informations about the image. It will only show on images that use the "<img>" HTML tag. Images that the website admin added through a CSS "background-image" will be ignored. Otherwise it would be too performance problematic, and since those should only be used for decoration and not for context relevant images anyway, that shouldn't be a big problem.

At the moment it shows the following details:

  • File name
  • File type (if the file extension matches the real image type this will show in green!)
  • MIME type
  • File size
  • Used width + original width + scaling
  • Used height + original height + scaling
  • Title / Alternative image description
  • Image URL
  • Source page URL
  • Preview of the image in its original size

In addition to that, you can download the image by clicking the little save icon on the right end of the file name. And the file name field is editable, so if you want to save the file under a different name you can change it before clicking the save icon.

You can get it there: Image-Details at Google Chrome Webstore (free)